It's All I Can Do

Volunteers Needed!

At the age of 62 I found my purpose and now I am realizing it.  I have a 12-year old granddaughter, Kylie, who has cystic fibrosis.  Children with this disease are expected to live to just over half my age. I need to do everything in my power to help change that. My purpose is to run and ask for your help, I can’t do this alone because I am blind.

One of the many blessings of losing my eyesight is that I now run.  I run marathons, as many as six a year.  I want to take this blessing and put it to use for my granddaughter’s benefit.  My purpose is to run the perimeter of the United States, approximately 11,000 miles, to raise awareness and funds for cystic fibrosis research…why?  It’s all I can do.

Helping is simple:


Share my story; if you’re reading this on Facebook, share this to your page, if you’ve picked this up from Twitter, re-tweet this.  The power of getting the message out what will keep my purpose going.


Like my Facebook Page and follow my Twitter handle to stay up to date on where I am on my journey and my fundraising goal.


Click on my donation page and donate directly to support the “It’s all I can do” run. You can also donate directly to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation from this page.


As a blind runner, I need guides, lots of them.  I will be running and walking 20 miles a day. I need guides to guide me for any distance, and the guide can plan the route.

  • Guides must be willing to run in any and all weather conditions and road surfaces.
  • I would love to find someone who has a large passenger van to carry supplies, be a moving central command center and possibly a moving bunkhouse.
  • Someone to  organize the running group onsite, communicate changes, adapt and be air traffic control for the largest relay to ever pass a blind baton.

I will also need places to stay all along my journey, and help with the logistics of getting me to a track, taking me to get food, and someone to take me to the store once in a while. If you have a couch or spare bedroom, it would be greatly appreciated.  Helping me save money will ensure that I can donate the maximum amount of funds to find a cure for cystic fibrosis.

That’s where the help starts, here’s where you can make a difference:

Share this story right now, if you don’t run or walk and can’t guide, maybe someone you know will, give someone else the opportunity to help by sharing this story.

Like this page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter.

Join, this purpose needs many many people, none more important than another, if you have a skill you think we can use, tell us.



47 thoughts on “Volunteers Needed!

  1. Renee on said:

    are you going through the Madison, WI area? If so, when?

    • blindgrandparuns on said:

      I will be in the Madison area probably after the end of September. I am doing the IRONMAN in Madison Sept 7th, but I have a speaking engagement before I get back on the road. We will keep you posted!

  2. Are you by chance coming through Charlotte, NC? If so, I can help connect you with local running stores and running groups to line up guides.

  3. Heather Purvis on said:

    Nephew has CF. Friends with Amy Dixon. Happy to guide!

  4. Katie Fuller on said:

    Are you going to be in Upstate NY? I lost my brother to CF almost 10 years ago and I am an avid runner. I would love to meet you and help you with your journey. May God Bless you in your journey. Please feel free to contact me….

    • blindgrandparuns on said:

      I would like to meet you too. I am sorry about your brother. When we get to the planning stages for NY I will let you know the timeline!

  5. Michelle Turk on said:

    I live in Lawrence, MA near the intersection of 495 and 93, and several smaller highways. I am will to be a guide on the leg from Portland to Florida when passing through Southern New Hampshire/Massachusetts. I can also give you a place to stay if that lines up with your mileage.

    • blindgrandparuns on said:

      Wonderful, thank you for your offer and we will be in touch when I have that stage of the run mapped out! Thank you!

  6. Randy Peoples on said:

    Hi I live in the western Chicago suburbs and would love to guide and otherwise help when you are in the Chicago area. Please let me know if i can help and when you would expect to be in the area. Good luck.

    • blindgrandparuns on said:

      Hi Randy! I will be in Chicago soon! Probably end of Sept or Oct. We will be planning out that section of the run next week and I will be sure to let you know when I am there! Thank you!

  7. Angela Sands on said:

    Truly inspiring and simply amazing!!! If you’re planning on making your way through Texas I’d be happy to help anyway I can. I can guide, provide food, follow along or whatever else you need :). Best of luck!!

  8. Hello! I love that you are doing this! I would love to help. I have CF, diagnosed at 1yr old and am now 32. I am an avid runner, averaging 15-20 miles/week. I live in Eastern-Upstate New York and would happily travel a distance for the honor of being a guide, or offering other help. Is there an “official” way to volunteer?

  9. Natalie randolph on said:

    I have a nephew, a cousin and close friend with CF. lost a friend a year and a half ago to this disease. I live in New Jersey, the northern part of “jersey shore”. Would love to help

  10. My running buddy, Cindy, and I live in Las Vegas. We would like to volunteer to run/guide David, if his journey takes him through Las Vegas. We would also be willing to provide room and board, if the team needs to rest.
    David’s cause is very dear to me, as I have a young relative who has CF and is currently in UCLA Medical, waiting on her second double lung transplant. Please let me know how we can help. Thank you
    Gina Nichols and Cindy Gifford

  11. If you’re in need of a northern California (Del norte/Humboldtcounty) guide, let me know! I’d love to participate and can help drum up additional help.

  12. Laura on said:

    Do you need anyone in Milwaukee, Wisconsin? My son has CF and I’d love to help you.

    • blindgrandparuns on said:

      I will be in Milwaukee in September Laura! I will let you know the dates I expect to be there very soon. Thank you!

  13. Sarah Griffiths on said:

    I would love to run with you when you are in ME. I have a three year old daughter with CF. You are also welcome to stay with my family if this works out with your travel arrangements. Please feel free to email me:
    I love you passion and mission- I will spread the word to other friends in the CF community here in ME!

    • blindgrandparuns on said:

      Thank you Sarah – I would love to run with you also. When I have my schedule for Maine worked out I will be contacting you. Thank you for your passion and generosity as well!

  14. Amber Howland on said:

    Hi Dave! When you come to the coast of North/South Carolina! Please reach out. I am more than happy to guide! 🙂

    • blindgrandparuns on said:

      Thank you Amber, we will be in touch when I have my schedule worked out for the Carolinas! I appreciate your generosity!

  15. Kevin & Calie on said:

    We live in Phoenix Arizona. Downtown in a high rise apartment. We have a guest bedroom. Kevin is a marathon runner as well as an ironman. We would love to help out and Kevin would love to guide!

    • blindgrandparuns on said:

      Thank you so much for your generosity. I look forward to meeting you both and will contact you when I have my schedule worked out for Texas! Thanks!

  16. Lone Wolf on said:

    If you need help in Billings MT let me know. I might be able to get you some help in Bozeman.

  17. Gabriela Gonzalez p. 830-282-9820 on said:

    Hi Mr. Dave! I am not sure if you will be thru San Antonio, TX but please feel free to communicate with me. Do not think about it twice and yes i am like you i am anything but fast but love my running!!!

    • blindgrandparuns on said:

      Thank you Gabriela – I will contact you when I have my Texas schedule worked out! I look forward to meeting and running with you!

  18. Tonya Battistoni on said:

    Hi David! If you are coming through the Central Valley of California-especially Bakersfield, I would be happy help with your stay and even walk with you. I’m a long distance race walker and we have a wonderful running/walking community in this area. You can reach me through or

  19. I can connect you with local running groups in the Inland Empire area of Southern California, as well as the Ventura County running groups!

  20. Sarah Jackson on said:

    If the Marquette, MI area is on your map- myself and a few others would live to help and do some running. I have a van, running shoes, and a nephew with CF who is here for the summer from Grayland, Washington. Depending on your route, I bet I can find people from across the entire Upper Peninsula of Michigan to get on this with you! Making CF stand for Cure Found!!

  21. Brittany on said:

    I would love to accompany you for a run in the great outdoors of Fargo! Can’t swing 20 miles, but I can do 3 or 4! Also, if you’re looking for a place to stay in Fargo I may be able to offer a spare bed, depending on what night(s) you’ll be here and what my partner thinks 🙂

  22. Brittany on said:

    I could accompany you for a run in the great outdoors of Fargo. I can’t swing 20 miles, but I could do 3 or 4! Also, if you need a place to stay while you’re here, I may be able to offer a spare bed, depending on what night(s) you’re in Fargo and what my partner says 🙂

  23. Do you need help in Minneapolis?

  24. Can run/guide in Minneapolis

  25. Allison on said:

    Do you need runners/drivers while in Minneapolis? I can post a message to the Plymouth Lifetime run club Facebook page and see if people are available. Otherwise, I will be running Monday and Wednesday nights (maybe 5 miles or so).

    • blindgrandparuns on said:

      Hi Allison, thank you so much for offering your help. David is actually staying in Champlin from now until Aug 22, and running at the Champlin Park High School. I know it’s a bit of a drive from Minneapolis. If you would like to meet and run with him send me an email – thanks, Renee

  26. Dawn Farinella on said:

    I live in Central New Jersey and wanted to know when you plan to be in New Jersey and/or New York.

    • blindgrandparuns on said:

      We are not sure of the exact dates for your area yet. It is starting to look like December. We will keep in contact!

  27. I’m in central Florida and would love to help. I’m not a great runner but I know plenty of people who are. I could possibly help with lodging as well. My talents really lie in photography so if you’d like some photos when you swing through town, I’d be happy to document some of your journey.

    • blindgrandparuns on said:

      Sign me up! Thank you so much Amy, and thank you so much for your generous donation! I love documenting this run, and it would be wonderful to have some professional photos. We will keep in touch and will be sure to contact you when we are coming your way.

  28. Please let us know if David will be close to Madison, WI. I would love to volunteer or run along, in memory of a dear friend who passed away this summer from CF.

  29. Hi, let me know if you are coming to St. Louis and need somewhere to stay and/or a running partner? Our grandson is 2 and has CF.

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