It's All I Can Do

Wednesday October 22, 2014

This was move day, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The morning was routine. Lily caught her school bus, Dan drove me to Mickey Dees, and then, the Nicolet high school running track.

I began as I do, walking to get the food/fuel down, then hammer down, well, my slow pitty patter 12 minute mile speed, hammer down.

One of the Interstate highways runs within a stone’s throw of the running track. At some point I heard a loud and prolonged horn blowing from a semi, I mean, long. Because of its duration, I found myself bracing for something awful happening, like a vehicle tumbling down the side of the highway. Fortunately, I guess it was just a truck driver trying to get his/her point across to another driver.

That brought back memories for me, that is, being a bit tense around other vehicles while hauling certain materials like greased bars or liquid, hot white, metal. Yes, liquid. It was hauled in huge vats and covered with a gigantic lid that had probably a dozen locking mechanisms holding it down. Still, I grew gray hairs hauling this stuff, wondering what would happen if someone pulled out in front of me and I flipped the trailer over trying to avoid them. Would that container break open? If so, would anyone be burned to death as it splashed everywhere?

Fortunately that never happened and no vehicles tumbled down the sides of the interstate next to the track, and, no sounds of vehicles colliding.

In the early afternoon, the cross country team came out again. There are a lot of them. It is good to see so many young people so physically active. They covered an area about eight lanes in circumference, which means a few of them were blocking the inside lane that I was on as I came through, but a few of them saw me approaching and warned their peers to get out of my way. As I went by, two of them apologized and said they would watch for me on the next lap. Like I keep telling people, I get to see a lot of this side of society, the nice, thoughtful, and caring side.

I asked them if they were going to be running soon. They told me they were going on a road run. One of them then said that I need not move to the outside lane like I did yesterday. How about that for some nice young people?

Most move days I am not able to get my twenty miles in, sometimes I am lucky to get even a few done. but today I got them all.

Dan then drove me down to Kenosha, Wisconsin to another New Warrior’s home.

Dan is one busy man. He is an ideas man, a man who sees opportunities and possibilities, and a man who develops them. I was lucky to have him host me and then drive me to Kenosha. After the “hand off” to John, Dan was on his way.

I’ve known John for some time now, and have staffed with him on various training weekends. We spent several hours getting caught up, and no doubt stayed up far too late for this early riser.

Todays miles 21.15 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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