It's All I Can Do

Thursday, October 23, 2014

It was a slow moving morning. John made breakfast, but, as always, I need a lot of fuel to get through a day, so, guess what? Yep, a trip through a McDonald’s drive through. Then off to check out the Carthage College track.

While I was in Milwaukee, Officer Kelly DeJonge contacted the Indian Trail High School on my behalf to inquire about my use of their track. It is a brand new school and stadium and is completely fenced in and locked. It’s only use is for its students, so, no dice.

The Carthage College track was wide open for use by the public, so on to it we went, however, it was an obstacle course. There were benches on the track, plus those heavy duty carpets used to protect the surface of a track by people with cleated shoes (like football players) were across the track in two locations.

John is somewhat of a nervous type, which is good for me. He went about making sure the inside lanes were free of obstacles, except the protective carpets. Once he did his lap around the track, he was off to parts unknown, and I was off to parts known over and over again and again.

I wrapped up my 20.16 miles about 5:00 in the evening. Like I said, slow starting day which meant a late start, and a late finish. It was worth it though, to get caught up with John last night. That man has been through a lot since the “Great Recession” began.

Total miles today: 20.16 Kenosha, WI


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