It's All I Can Do

Sunday, October 26, 2014

John drove me to the Metra train. When we got to the platform, he met someone he knew and had not seen in quite some time.

I took one train in from Kenosha to the Ogilvie station in Chicago. From there, I caught the train to Elburn, where Chris was waiting. Seemed like those two trains took forever to get to their destinations.

There must have been something going on in the Geneva/Saint Charles area for children, because there were a lot of them on the train with their parents, and they all got off at that stop.

Funny thing. For whatever reason, as I sat on the train from Chicago to Elburn, I wondered how anyone in a wheelchair would be able to ride the train. There are three or four steps onto and off each car.

Then, at one of the stops, I heard beeping and the doors stayed open. A passenger in a wheel chair got on. Because of my eyesight, I was not aware that he sat next to me.

When all of the children and their parents got off the train in Geneva, he said, “Now I can use the bathroom without being mauled.”

That didn’t really mean anything to me until he began rolling his wheelchair in the direction of the restroom. Why? Because my right foot was in the path of his left wheel. That wheel caught the tip of my right big toe, and shocked me right out of my thoughts about getting home and seeing my wife, Chris.

“Ouch!,” I exclaimed loudly.

“Sorry,” he said as he rolled by and patted me on my right knee.

What are the odds that the very first time I wonder how people in wheelchairs would use the train, that one would, and then, what are the odds that that person would roll over one of my toes, letting me know with 100 percent certainty that someone in a wheelchair was on the train?

Yep, the gods do have a sense of humor. Now, what can I wonder about next? I better think this one through.


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