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Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Redmen would be playing today at home, Carthage College, so today John drove me to the University of Wisconsin, Park Side, running track. What a difference. The track was void of benches or other obstacles on it.
John walked with me around the track to inspect it for me, and it was nice and clear. A peculiarity about my very poor and fading remaining eyesight is that, what I can “see” one minute, I may not be able to the next. The direction of the sun, cloud cover, and fatigue all affect my “sight.”

As John and I walked around the track it was obvious to him that I was searching for something on the surface of the track. If I cannot find anything along the side of the track that is easily distinguishable to put my book bag (filled with water bottles, a jar of peanut butter, Nutella, and some medical supplies.) on, then I find markings on the track that will lead me to it.

John realized that what he clearly saw, I may not. Finally, I located a line and the large lane numbers on the surface and placed my bag next to it on the grass just off the edge of the track.

Away John went, and away I went, around the track.

Shortly after John left and I was cruising around the outer lane, number 9 on this track, I stepped on to a small plastic upside down bowl-like object. I was sure it wasn’t there the first few laps around the track. As I progressed along the lane I encountered another one. They were placed on the line between lanes eight and nine. Turns out they were “cones” used by another runner who was setting them out to do sprints. So I moved over a couple of lanes.

After a few miles I was in need of water, so I began looking for that line with the large numbers that go straight across the track. Somehow I missed it the first lap around. When I found it, it was not easy for me to see. With that, I decided to move to the inside lane and see if there was a better marker/indicator for me to set my book bag near, one that I could easily find.

Once again, Buddha provided. Someone had left or discarded a long sleeved white pullover shirt next to the track on the grass. That was easy for me to find. I placed my book bag next to it, and it was a good thin,g too. Within a few laps, one of the seams on the inside of one of the toes of my Vibrams had worn a nice blister on that toe. Time to use the medical stuff, a piece of “Mole Skin”, some Neosporin, and I was good as new.

Near the end of my run, a group of older folks, (Ha-ha, probably my age) were clustered on the track, getting ready for a group walk. A couple of them stated that they saw an article on me in the paper. (Mental note: Must get a copy of the paper and make sure the reporter discussed cystic fibrosis).

For me, that is the important part of any article or news piece done on the run. I want to keep the name “cystic fibrosis” out there as often as I can. That’s the awareness part of the run.

When I was done running John picked me up and, first stop? Nope, to get a paper. Then, yes,McDonalds.

The article was done in two parts, one part done in the paper and the other a video online. Very interesting combination. It seems as though the TV news people are adding journalism to their news media, and the newspapers are adding video. They seem to be encroaching on each others territory.

Total miles run today, 20.63.

But this day was far from over.

The New Warriors were having a training weekend in Kenosha. Around 9:00 p.m., John and I headed off to participate in one of the celebrations for the men coming through. I have not participated in the program for quite some time and was sure no one there would be anyone I would know. WRONG.

There were at least eight members of the staff that I knew. How cool was that? It was really good to touch that energy again.

John and I did not get back to his pad until around 1:30 a.m., and I had a 8:30 train to catch for home the next morning.

Although long, what a great day.


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