It's All I Can Do

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nice easy day today.

The weather was perfect for a 20 mile run on a running track. After making breakfast for us,Dan drove me to the Nicolet High School track, but knowing how much “fuel” I burn, we first made a stop at? Yeppers, Mickey Dees.

There were two sets of metal benches on lane one on either side of the straightaways, so Dan moved them off the lane and onto the grassy area in the center of the field. Boy, that would have hurt if my knees or lower legs collided with them. Thanks, Dan!

Away Dan went, and away I went, running around the track. There was one man out there walking and talking on his cell phone for about the first hour, other than that, I had the track to myself all day.

If the name Nicolet High School seems familiar, and you are a fan of Oprah – there’s your connection. Oprah Winfrey attended this school.

To help me find my book bag filled with my water bottles, large jar of peanut butter, and Nutella, I turned one of the metal benches at a slight angle to the inside lane, otherwise, I really cannot see even my black book bag lying on a white metal bench – unless the lighting conditions are perfect for me. This rarely happens, and when it does, not for long.

After I got my twenty in, Dan hauled me off the track and back to their home.

Total miles today: 22.15. Total miles for the run: 1770.63


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