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Saturday, October 18, 2014

This was move day. I was moving from Madison, Wisconsin, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Nicole offered to pick me up from Kelly’s home and take me to the greyhound bus station today. The bus was scheduled to arrive in Madison at 11:20 a.m. I asked Nicole to call me five minutes before she headed over to pick me up so I could be ready when she got there.

I awoke nice and early and felt relaxed about packing and preparing for the day. I packed a little, then showered. When I came back down stairs, there was a knock at the door. I quickly grabbed my phone. Hmm, a call from Nicole. It was 9:15, one hour before I thought she was coming to pick me up, but, it was her knocking.

Apparently, yesterday when she picked me up, and me in my tired and extremely hungry state after my 20 miles, she said she would pick me up around now. I was thinking around 10:00 or a little after. Mental note to self: When tired and hungry pay more attention to what is being said by others.

She and her sons took off for an hour, then came back to pick me up (part II). This time her husband, Cory, was with them and driving.

Everything I have heard about Cory is that he is not just a handyman, but a skilled craftsman with an artistic flare. He is so good at what he does that even though he doesn’t advertise, he is never without work.
One of the coolest things he builds that caught my attention are personalized home bars. He takes the time to learn what his client’s hobbies or interests are, then suggests and builds a bar that reflects that. If you are a Bear’s, Packer’s, or any other team’s fan, there will be no doubt if you sit at your bar built by Cory, and, it will be built by an artist, with some very interesting and unique features.

Cory is Kelly’s brother. These are two very good young men for sure.

Amazingly, the bus was on time, and arrived in Milwaukee on time also.

In Milwaukee, I was met by one of my “New Warrior” brothers, Dan Baldwin. He and I waited for a WTMJ photographer. He would be interviewing me there at the Milwaukee Greyhound bus station. Two things were obvious as the interview began. One, he was a photographer and not a reporter with a list of questions to ask. Two, I was fully prepared for this type of interview. Without exception, to date, I have had at least one interview in each city I run in. The photographer was “fishing” for questions. When I realized his struggle, I ‘took over” and said everything I felt to be important about cystic fibrosis and the run.

After the interview, we headed off to Dan’s home where I met his wife, Dawn, daughter, Lilly and son, Sean. They were preparing for a party they were hosting this evening.

I walked up and down their street, which was in a wooded area Several home owners had dogs that were outside. I know this about the dogs, as they announced, with enthusiasm, my arrival and departure from the front yards they guarded.

I’m not sure how many people there were in attendance at the party, somewhere around thirty or forty. They were mostly men and women with ties to the “New Warrior” community. There was plenty to eat and drink. I sat with several people outside by a roaring fire, where we then got quite a show.

Dawn teaches something called “fire swinging. It is where any number of objects, made mostly of metal or slowly burning materials, are soaked in any number of flammable fuels, set on fire, and swung through the air in several varieties of motions. The objects are held firmly in the hands of the person doing the fire swinging.

I am sure to fully sighted people watching the fire lit objects swing through the air is very fascinating to watch. With me, all I could see where blurry “flames” (lights) swinging and twirling. I am guessing that a fully sighted person would be able to see the faces and bodies of those doing the fire swinging, but, all I could see was the blurry fires moving at varying speeds and

I suggest checking out a “You Tube” video or two to see what I am writing about. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

For information about the “New Warriors”, go to Had I not gone through the various trainings and staffings in this organization, I guarantee I would not be doing this run, not be married to Chris, nor would I have done the many productive things that I have done – even without the benefit of eyesight.

Miles for the day – 4.06


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