It's All I Can Do

Monday, October 20, 2014

This morning, Dan drove me to the Nicolet High School track, but first? Nope. First we waited for the school bus to pick up his daughter Lily, but then, yes, first stop, McDonald’s.

When we got to the school I thought it best to talk to someone about me running on their track. Even though it is an open track, I thought it best to do this as a courtesy, not to mention, it might be that the track would be heavily used by the students, and I sure didn’t want to interfere in anyway.

The Principal was in a meeting, so we were sent to the activities director office. The first person we met was Nathan Brooks, the assistant recreation director. He was excited about me using the track, and introduced Dan and I to J. D. I’m not sure what J. D. does, but he was all over the idea also.

With their blessings, away Dan and I went to the track, he dropped me off, and then went about his day.

At some point a female voice introduced herself as, “Officer Kelly DeJonge.” Oh, oh.

J. D. was with her. She was just there to introduce herself. We had a pleasant conversation and she offered to bring some fruit (apples and bananas) out to me later. Fruit goes down nice and easy when running. It’s great energy food and good for hydration, also.

Sure enough, Kelly came out later with a couple of apples and a protein bar. She also told me that the media had been called and she was hopeful they would come out today to interview me. However, ‘tis the season- election season. Most reporters are busy running around following the various candidates.

Later, Kelly and the Principal came out so he and I could meet. He is quite the runner and has qualified for, and is registered to run, the Boston Marathon in 2015. Very cool for a high school principal, huh?

I was told the cross country track team would be out on the track later, but, since they just had a competition this past weekend, it was doubtful they would be running. They would be just holding a meeting. Sure enough, at the end of the school day, that was exactly what happened.

So I just cruised around the track until I got my twenty in and called Dan to pick me up.

Total miles today 23.06


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