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Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

Nicole was not available to take me to the high school running track in Verona, Wisconsin this morning, so Kelly took me, but first, breakfast with Kelly, his children, and Meghann. They are all so much fun and pleasant to be around. I am certainly going to miss them. This will be the last time I see them for quite a while.

After breakfast, Kelly took his children to school and then came back to get me. When we got to the Verona high school running track, Kelly informed me that he was well acquainted with this track, as he went to school there. Today it was another pleasant day with temperatures going up to the mid 60s with no rain, and today was another day that I would share the track with the middle and high school students.

Yesterday I had met the middle school gym teacher, Danielle, and the high school physical education teacher and football coach, Dave. They were out again today, and when Dave was out there with his high school students, he asked if I would talk to them a little bit about the run that I was doing. I, of course, send yes.

With the first group of students that I talked to I told them everything I was doing, and when I was finished, Coach Dave opened it up for questions. Some of the students had some great questions that made me really think. When it was all done one of the young girls asked if she could hug me. Again, of course, and then the students left and I went around and around the track again.

When the middle school children came out, many of them would walk with me and we would have some really interesting conversations. One of the girls told me that she was a big sister. I asked her if she liked being a big sister, and she said yes and told me why. The girl next to her then told me she was a little sister. I asked her if she liked being a little sister and she said yes and told me why. So I told them, it sounds like whether you are a big sister or a little sister, it is a good thing, a]nd they both agreed.

In another group of middle school hours, two boys walked with me, one on either side. The one boy on my left was originally from Georgia and asked me if I like football, to which I replied yes. He asked me what my favorite team is and I told him the Chicago Bears. He then talked about all the great players of that team, including Walter Payton, from many years ago. He then began talking about many of the great running backs of the Walter Payton era. I was very impressed with how much he knew about many players from quite a while ago. The boy on my right was into hockey. He also knew many players from any of the teams.

The day continued with that pattern. I spoke with the middle schoolers as we walked around the track and spoke to the high schoolers after they were finished with their runs. The last group of high school students that I spoke with was a double class. Dave told me there were about 40 students there. When I was done, he handed me a bag,a type of bag that I was familiar with. It was the same type of bag that is referred to as a goodie bag at many of the major events that I run in. They hold clothing and other materials. Inside the bag was a hooded sweatshirt, visor, baseball cap,towel, and a T-shirt, all with the Wild Cat logo on it. The Verona, Wisconsin football team is called the Wild Cats.

After I was given all these wonderful gifts, we took a picture with me, Coach Dave, & the other coach, in the middle of all these great students. Once again, shortly after I got my 20 miles in, Nicole show it up to take me to Kelly’s home. One of her sons, this time Westin, guided me back to their car. He did a great job. And, again, a trip through McDonald’s drive-through before they dropped me off at Kelly’s home. They left, I ate, I showered, and sacked out.

Total miles today 21.82. Total miles for the run so far, 1744.42

David with Coach Richardson and students

David with Coach Richardson and students

Dave Richardson & David

Dave Richardson & David

David and Kelly Griego

David and Kelly Griego

David wearing the Verona High School Wildcats attire, Oct. 15, 2014, Madison

David wearing the Verona High School Wildcats attire, Oct. 15, 2014, Madison


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