It's All I Can Do

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Shortly after I awoke, Mason and Emmie came downstairs. I said good morning to them, and Emmie, when she said good morning, had a little song in her voice. It was fun to listen to. I was sleeping in the living room and that’s where the children came to to watch TV and play with their toys. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back Mason guided me back to the couch. He did this without being asked to. These are two fun, very loving, children.

Kelly was in the kitchen making breakfast. Yesterday he made pancakes, today he made oatmeal. After breakfast, Kelly, Mason, and Emmie left, just as they did the day before. They left a few minutes before I did, a little after 8 o’clock. Nicole and her two sons came by to pick me up to go to the track again. When Nicole and I got to the track, her brother was there with his daughter, Lucy. Lucy is nearly 2 years old and was in the stroller. Nicole and I walked around the track, with Nicole pushing Lucy.

Today the weather was much nicer, and as we walked, middle school and high school students alternated using the running track. Several times Lucy would drop her bottle onto the track as we walked and Nicole was not aware that that had happened, but the children running on the track saw the bottle and always told Nicole that she had dropped something. I was very impressed with those students for doing that. So often you hear unpleasant things about children and young adults, but here they noticed the dropped bottle and brought it to Nicole’s attention. Very nicely done.

After about 6 miles, Nicole and Lucy left. I continued on, around and around the track. All day long there were alternating classes of high school runners and middle school runners. It got a little crowded out there today when the students were out there on the track. I moved over several lanes to the right. On my own, I would run on the inside lane, running counterclockwise. When the students came out, I moved a few lanes over to about the middle of the track to let them have the center three lanes.

When the students were out there, I made sure to only walk. This proved to be a wise decision at one point. As I was walking, I approached a group of young people whose teacher was probably among them, talking to them. I bumped into one of them who was right in my lane. I am sure that he was focused on what he was supposed to be, his coach/teacher, so, no harm—it just proved that my decision to walk while they were out there was the correct one.

Shortly after I got my 20 miles in, Nicole and her sons came out to pick me up from the track. I don’t recall if it was Corbin or Weston, but he guided me to their car and did a stellar job for such a little guy. Once in their car we headed off to guess where? Yup, McDonald’s, before heading off to Kelly’s home. Today I got home much earlier than yesterday and was able to eat and relax a little bit more before Kelly and his children came home. Mason and Emmie play very well together.

Kelly made spaghetti for dinner, plus, he made two sauces. One was a red sauce with meatballs and the other a white sauce. Emmie likes the white sauce, so Kelly made that sauce mainly for her. Kelly apparently enjoys mixing the two. Meghann joined us for dinner. I tried the red sauce with meatballs first, then had a bowl of the spaghetti, actually linguine noodles, with the white sauce. Both were very good. The children went off to bed, and Kelly and Meghann and I talked for a little while before calling it a night.

Miles for the day: 21.85 Miles to date: 1722.6


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