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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Nicole Griego and David

Nicole Griego and David

This morning Nicole Griego picked me up with her two sons, Corbin and Weston. They are in the fifth and fourth grade, respectively. We dropped them off at school first, then went to the high school running track. Actually, before going to the track we stopped in the the office to make sure it was okay for me to run on the track. The principal was not in, so I asked the woman at the counter if there was someone I could speak to and I explained why. I also gave her one of my cards and I explained what I was doing. She got very excited and made a phone call, and then said whoever she spoke too, I don’t know who that was, said it would be fine for me to use the track to run on.

It was cold and windy, and there was a very light misting rain as we got on the track. We did not run far, perhaps 1 mile, or four laps, when the reporter from channel 27 showed up. Her name is Kathryn Larson, and she is all positive energy. She set up her camera while continuing to talk the whole time. She was a lot of fun to listen to because she was so energetic and upbeat. The first thing she did was to video Nicole and myself running around the track.

David and reporter Kathryn Larson of Madison channel 27,  Oct. 15

David and reporter Kathryn Larson of Madison channel 27,
Oct. 15

She then interviewed me, plus videoed me doing some unique things: pulling the velcro straps off and back on my Vibram five finger shoes; unfolding my white cane several times; having me walk towards her with my white cane as she was crouched down at ground level, in fact, the last videotaping of this movement towards her with my white cane, I tapped something, I think it was her video camera. Whatever I tapped with my white cane, she said “perfect”, so I guess whatever shot she got, she liked. While most of this videotaping was going on, Nicole decided to run around the track a little bit to keep warm, as she was getting very cold.

Finally, Kathryn got what she wanted and left. Earlier she had videotaped me and her singing a song in which we both were saying something about I would walk 500 miles, and then she would say, “He would, but I wouldn’t”, and then explain a little bit about what I was doing, and then say “stay tuned for more about the story on Wake Up Madison”.

Nicole and I ran probably seven or 8 miles before she had to leave.

After Nicole left, I just boogied around the track, clicking away the miles in the cold and the wind and the rain. Initially, my second interview was to be at 2:30 in the afternoon, but a different reporter from channel 15 called me just after noon and said he was on his way. When he set up his camera and his tripod on the track it was positioned so the lens was facing into the wind. He wipe it off several times because of all the rain on it, until he finally decided to turn the camera around and have the wind at its back.

This man was very friendly, but he really wanted no part of being out there in the bad weather and made the interview quick. After he was done with a few questions, he went out to the center of the field to videotape me running around the track. I ran around the track just once, and he was done and ready to leave.

After he was done, there was nothing left for me to do but to continue running in the cold, wind, and rain. I stopped occasionally to get a few spoonfuls of peanut butter and water from my bottles in my book bag.

Shortly after I had gotten my 20 miles, I was really glad to see Nicole show up to pick me up. I was more than ready to leave the cold, the wind, and the rain. Her sons were at piano lessons. One quick stop at McDonald’s, and then she dropped me off at Kelly Griego’s home.

Once inside Kelly’s home, I ate, and then drank a decaffeinated coffee to get warmed up. I laid down for a short while to take a nap. Kelly and his young children, Mason and Emmie, came home around 5:30. Mason and Emmie had karate classes after school. Kelly made pizza for dinner as he and I talked in the kitchen.

When the food was done, Emmie let me know that I was sitting in her chair, so of course, I moved. She is probably six years old, Mason probably eight. They are fun to be around. Apparently Emmie was hungrier than she normally is and she wolfed down the pizza. So did Mason, but it seemed to me that Emmie had more. After dinner, Kelly got the children ready for bed and off to sleep they went. Then Meghann, Kelly’s ‘my person’, came over. The three of us talked for a short while. I was really looking forward to some much needed sleep and went to bed shortly thereafter.

Total miles today 20.75

Miles so far 1700.75


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