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Day 87 – Monday, August 25, 2014

This morning, the quick witted, the intelligent, the humorous Adam picked me up from my hotel a tab past 7:00. First stop? Yep, McDonald’s for a couple of breakfast burrito meals. I love those potato cakes, or do they call them hash browns? Adam also enjoyed some of McDonald’s scrumptious delicacies.

We went to the park to start our run where I’ve started nearly every run with nearly everyone in Eau Claire. As we ran, we came across two groups of college students who were also running, one female, one male. Love that young energy around colleges.

Pat’s son Mike, pulled up next to us for a while. If I understand it correctly, Mike is taking over his father’s personal finance business and has earned the same trust as his father with the clients. Adam also is in the personal finance business. There is a difference between the two approaches, but I’m not sure though what they are. Personally, I would trust either man.

As Adam and I cruised back to the park where we began, Bob Frie was waiting for the “David” hand off. Bob is an optometrist. Bob and I ran another loop around the park.

When Bob and I returned to the park, Jenna was waiting for the next “David” hand off. Bob ran with Jenna and I for a while, suggesting that it was to make sure Jenna had a handle on how to safely guide me, but, um, with the exception of Roger Nelson in Spokane, Washington, I do not believe any of my guides so far on this run had any experience. So far, so good.

Anyway, at some point Bob took off and headed back to the park. Jenna and I were cruising along and she was telling me quite a story. I’m not sure if it is for public consumption, so I’ll just say I am impressed with her resilience and courage.

We were deep into a conversation about fear and courage, when I received a call that a local TV station reporter was back at the park waiting to interview me. No sooner did I complete that call, when I received another call from a radio station to do a live interview – right then. With the radio interview completed, I received yet another call from yet another TV station reporter who was also waiting back at the park for me.

On the way back to the park we brought the conversation back to Jenna. I really wanted to hear more about what she is facing in life.

When we returned to the park, sure enough there were news people galore, including a newspaper reporter. He went first. He and Jenna had many connections and it was fun to listen to them talk about all their friends they knew in common

Pat Toutant showed up also, which was good. He had contacted the various news media before I had arrived on Friday morning and had hoped they would have done a story about the run upon my arrival. It was good to see what he had worked hard to make happen, become actualized. He also stated that two companies, I believe he owned at least one of them, possibly both, were going to make two donations through me to the cystic fibrosis Foundation, one donation in the amount of $2,000.00 and the other for $1,000.00. He even told the newspaper reporter to print that; the reporter did, but, I do not think that was necessary, as Pat strikes me as a man of his word.

Next up was a male TV reporter. At the end of the interview, he used the word, “y’all” in an off the air sentence. I couldn’t resist.
I said back, “Y’all ain’t from around here, are ya?”Turns out he is originally from Texas. For me it has been absolutely fascinating to learn where the various reporters have come from as I get interviewed along the way.

Next up was a female TV reporter. She said she saw the press release for this/our story at the end of the previous week, and assumed that it would have been covered over the weekend. She was the TV anchor over the weekend and so she could not be at two places at once. She was shocked when she saw this story had not been covered yet when she arrived at work today, so she jumped on it.

In these smaller markets, the TV reporter is also the camera crew. I have become accustomed to being videoed by the TV reporters, sometimes quite in depth, but this young lady seemed to be an artist in videoing. I easily put more than a mile on running back and forth with Jenna, Pat, then Corey, as she videoed us from every angle possible. She really put a lot into making sure she had the perfect shot for the TV article she would be doing.

After the dust settled from all of the reporters, Pat and Corey ran with me. Someone was kind enough to offer a luncheon at their home for me. It was on the schedule for the day, however, Pat wisely suggested that Corey was there to run with me, not just for the cameras, but for the sake of the run itself.
So, that is what we did.

The three of us ran until Corey had to break it off and head home. Corey had even hired a baby sitter for her twin one year old daughters just so she could run with me. Corey is a nurse anesthetist, just like Dan is. The two of them work for the same group. She told me that the group is very supportive of one another and they look out for each other. When I ran with Trent (who is also a nurse anesthetist) in Coeur D’Alene, he and his wife (also a nurse anesthetist) once worked for a group of nurse anesthetists in Minnesota, who were not supportive of each other. That was one of the factors in their moving to Coeur D’Alene – to get away from such a group.

At some point while the three of us were running, the male TV reporter called and wanted to do a live shot during the 5:00 p.m. airing of the news article about the run. I was to have dinner with Adam and his family this evening, so Pat contacted Adam to make sure he could make it for that. Yep, Adam would pick me up from my hotel room, bring us to the park for the live shot, and then off to their home for dinner.

Pat dropped me off at my hotel, where I showered and got a bit of rest in before Adam picked me up.
Adam and I headed off to the park, where we met the TV reporter and a cameraman. Adam and I were positioned roughly 75 feet away from the reporter and were given a sign as to when we were to start running for the live shot. We were to run past the TV reporter as he introduced his news segment about the run. Either the reporter or the cameraman gave the sign to begin running. After we ran past the reporter, we were to stand, just Adam and I, and act as though we were talking (for the background video), which we did.

I have to say, working with the news people along the run has been educational and fascinating. There is a lot more creativity to reporting the news than I had ever imagined. Each reporter gets to put his or her own creative energy to the pieces they do and, I finally learned that when I am questioned while being videoed, I can re-answer the questions until I get them right or say what I really mean. It is then up to the reporter to use which ever answer I give, so, it’s okay to make a mistake, I can correct them in a video shooting. In the beginning I thought I had one chance to answer each question, as if they were live shots.

After the news segment, Adam and I went to his home for dinner. His lovely wife made quite a dinner, which included a salad, a huge lasagna, and dessert. Ah, but dinner with them was much more fun than three adults sitting around talking. Their children and a few of their friends joined us. Their children are in the area of ten years old – give and take a few years in either direction. From memory, I think they had three children.

Dinner with the children was a blast, all those children talking at once with a lot of energy and excitement. It was impossible for me to follow even one conversation, as energy levels and voices rose and fell repeatedly. Then, just like that, the children were done eating and they were gone. I really missed their energy after they left to go about the business of children – playing.

However, the adult conversation with Adam and his wife were equally good as well. After we were all done eating, Adam’s wife stated that there was still about a half a pan of lasagna left. Had I known that, I would have skipped dessert and kept plowing through the lasagna; the lasagna was that good.

After Adam dropped me off at my hotel, I was done, done, done for the day. What a great day.
Total miles today: 20:48.


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