It's All I Can Do

Day 83 – August 21, 2014

This morning for breakfast Theresa fried up some eggs and, made me another super duper smoothie. Brent picked me up around 8:30 and dropped me off at the track. He did not run with me today.

At 11:00, Kelly, the woman who brought me a bottle of water and a banana the other day, picked me up and we went to Theresa’s and so I could eat lunch. She brought me a barbeque pork sandwich, corn, chicken salad, and fresh strawberries.

We had a pleasant conversation, then she had to go to tend to her children. She asked if there was anything else she could get me and I requested a mocha frappe from McDonald’s.

After Kelly left, I headed out to walk around the neighborhood and get some miles in. I just happened to be near Theresa’s home when Kelly showed up with the substance of my addiction, the mocha frappe. My happiness in a cup. Once I got that down I took a snooze.

Theresa set it up so I would be running with a moms group this evening. She was thinking around 13 miles. I was thinking fewer. It was hot and humid, and I usually like to make 10 miles my limit, before needing a rest when running with others. I can run 10 to 20 miles on my own, because I am in control of the speed every step of the way. I can take a water break or just sit for a while, and not have to worry about inconveniencing anyone else. I had eleven miles done and figured if the ladies wanted to run ten miles, I would be in the bonus for the day.

Around 6:00 Katie picked me up and took me to a park where I met Amy, Alexis, and one other woman from the Mom’s Run This Town group. We ran through a wooded area on a paved trail. Along the way we ran past a garter snake that was crossing the trail, and came upon a deer on the side of the trail. It bolted back into the woods when we got near. There were a few little bunnies running around the edge of the trail as well.

As we approached the point where we started, I heard several women cheering us on. We ran 4.5 miles and the next group of women were there to run the same 4.5 mile loop with me.

For the second loop, I was guided by Michelle, and Melissa joined us. The other women ran the loop in the other direction, I think. As we booked along Michelle and Melissa were getting a bit tuckered out. Then Ashley, who originally was running with the other women decided to head in our direction and run in with us. Michelle and Melissa had slowed to a walk, so Ashley took over guiding me, and we ran the rest of the way. We were soaked to the bone from sweat because of the heat and humidity. As soon as we stopped running we became mosquito food. It wasn’t a matter of swatting them, it was more like wiping sheets of them off our bodies. As soon as Michelle finished the run, we hurried to get into her car.

Before heading back to Theresa’s we HAD to stop at McDonald’s for a Mocha Frappe with no whip cream.

Theresa said she was hoping to go out for ice cream after dinner, but I got back too late. I really enjoyed the delicious meal she made. It was on the spicy side; I love me some spiciness.

Later I talked to Renee on the phone. She said that Theresa got an email back from a Lutheran Pastor in Eau Claire, and it sounds like he is really on board, and the race director for the Eau Claire marathon is a member of his church. They both are on the schedule to run with me tomorrow when I get to town.

20.4 miles
1498.58 total miles run
$5,637.40 total funds raised


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