It's All I Can Do

Day 78 – Saturday, August 16, 2014

This morning Brett picked me up at 5:45am to run with the ROUS (Runners Of Unusual Speed) running group. When we got to City Park, there were many people I had already met and run with, including Henrik, Bjorn, and Andy Gunderson. I was introduced to two people I had not met before, Julia and Danza. There was a MD among the group as as well, but I did not learn of him until later, after he had already left.

For the first 8 mile run, I ran with Brent, Henrik, Bjorn, and the medical director. Bjorn was getting a lot of ribbing about the steak dinner that he promised me but never delivered. Of course, it was all in good fun.

When we returned to the starting point, we all stood around and talked for a bit, and then I ran with Danza. Danza said 20 years ago she was an accomplished runner, but then she had three children and took a break from running. Now, she is starting to get back into it. I enjoyed listening to her talk about how she slowly progressed as a runner in the first part of her running career.

She told me a story about how she and her husband once ran in the same marathon. Her husband had the expectation that he would finish the race way ahead of her. She said that she ran with her head down, and focused on the road a few feet in front of her. When she was near mile 24, she looked up and found herself directly behind her husband. With that, she picked up her speed and passed him, while patting him on the shoulder and saying, “Nice job, keep it up!” In the next marathon, she started in front of him and he never caught up with her.

Danza is an RN, and works with Shawn Severson who is the OB/GYN ultra-marathoner who I’ve run with several times this week.

When I got dropped off, I did a few miles the parking lot of the motel, since I did not have any more appointments for the rest of the day.

15.55 miles
14422.48 total miles
$4,880.93 total funds raised


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